One year ago, I left my job as a news editor to work full-time as an advocate for justice in Palestine. As a journalist, I knew I had crossed the line from neutral observer to an advocate on this issue. To be true to my trade – and more importantly – to be true to myself as a tax-paying American, I knew I had to come clean and work to try to affect a change in U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

~ Kristin Szremski


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  1. Joe Iosbaker

    Kristin – Thanks for your post about the victory. Just to clarify: the bank didn’t admit a mistake. They carried out a racist decision to stop providing services to Hatem and Naima. There was a previous case like this – http://www.ombwatch.org/node/3201 and http://www.charityandsecurity.org/background/What_Happens_to_a_Charity_After_an_FBI_Raid and http://www.ombwatch.org/node/6632?page=0%2C2
    It’s a victory but we have to have our guard up!


    • Hey Joe: Thank you for pointing out my mistake. I’ve amended the post to reflect your comments. We do absolutely have to have our guard up. This is a bittersweet victory – It’s great that the pressure we all applied worked and now Hatem and his family are not facing the hardship of not being able to access their funds. But, the fact a bank could do this at all is egregious and unacceptable.

  2. Dear Kristin Szremski,
    What is the best way to contact you?

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