Ask Secretary Clinton: Why no outrage over the violence done to this child?

March 23, 2011

Today, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the bombing in Jerusalem that killed one person and wounded several more. No one has yet claimed responsibility and two resistance groups – Islamic Jihad and Hamas – both denied any involvement. Despite this, Clinton stressed that the U.S. will support Israel in whatever response it merits necessary for its own security. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu vows a “firm” response.

What response?

How can these world leaders be speaking of a response when they do not even know who planted the bomb. It could have been planted by anyone – fanatical colonial settlers; rabid right-wing Zionists trying to ignite Israel’s next massacre of Palestinians.

Why has Clinton no room in her heart for Palestinians – especially their children?  Why was there no outcry from the State Department in February when Israeli Occupation Forces pulled a 6-year-old Palestinian boy from his bed so violently that he passed out from the injuries he sustained from hitting his back and head on the bed frame and uncarpeted floor?

Why is there no U.S. hand-wringing over the fact this little boy and his sister are so traumatized that he stutters now and she has to sleep with the lights on? Aren’t these children suffering from an act of terrorism – made worse because its sanctioned by the State of Israel and occurs with tragic frequency?

I urge all who read the column from DCI-Palestine below to print it out and fax it to Clinton with the simple question: Where’s the U.S. outrage over the injustice done to this little boy? The fax number is 202-663-3636.

Defence for Children International – Palestine Section

Name:  Jameel B. 
Date of incident: 3 February 2011
Age:  6
Location: Al Khadr Village, Bethlehem,
Nature of incident: Soldier violence

On 3 February 2011, a 6-year-old boy is dragged out of bed by Israeli soldiers during a night time raid on his home, and is hospitalised with back and head injuries. Jameel (6) lives in the  West Bank  village of  al Khadr,  around  5 kilometres from Bethlehem. He lives on the second floor of a two-storey house with his sister Merriam (4), brother Ameen (1), their  parents and grandparents. His uncles live on the floor below.

The  village is surrounded by the Wall, and lies south of the settlement of Gilo.

On the night of 3 February 2011,  around  20 military jeeps pulled up outside Jameel’s house looking for a 12-year-old boy, who had allegedly thrown stones at them. That night,  at 10 p.m., Jameel’s father  heard soldiers shouting and banging on the front door. When he opened the door he saw that they had knocked down  an outer door to the apartment.

‘One of the soldiers pushed me out of the way, saying:  “We‟re looking for a 12-year-oldchild who threw stones at us.”‟

On hearing the noise,  Jameel’s uncles came upstairs and started arguing with the soldiers, one of whom tried to throw a stun grenade inside the house, until another soldier stopped him. ‘

Then, two soldiers rushed into the bedroom. Jameel was sleeping with his head under the blanket, his face covered. Probably, the soldiers thought this was the child they were looking for. They grabbed Jameel‟s feet and pulled him out of bed, knocking his head  and back  against the uncarpeted floor. Jameel was so terrified to see the soldiers that he passed out immediately,‟  recalls Jameel’s father. When Jameel regained consciousness his father tried to calm him, but he was ‘crying in pain from the blows to his back and head. I tried to calm him down, telling him not to be scared.”

The soldiers then ordered the family into one room of the house, and they went outside to the yard. Twenty minutes later they ordered Jameel’s uncles outside to ‘talk’ to them.In the meantime, Jameel’s pain got worse, and his father decided to take him to hospital. The soldiers would not allow this, one of them telling Jameel: ‘Go to grandma and ask her to make you some chamomile tea.‟

Jameel’s mother then phoned an ambulance, but when it arrived the soldiers made the paramedics wait 15 minutes before they could go inside to Jameel.  ‘As Jameel came out, one of the soldiers took a picture of him and  another one of him inside the ambulance.‟

On arrival at the hospital Jameel was found to have “several bruises all over his body. The doctors gave him sedatives and kept him under observation for about an hour and a half.”

When father and son returned home from the hospital, they were told that Jameel’s uncles had been arrested for obstructing the soldiers in their duty, and theywere released on bail two weeks later.

Speaking about the ordeal  on  17 February, Jameel’s father  said: ‘Jameel still struggles. He stutters now. He was eloquent and articulate before the incident. His  schoolwork has been affected.  He doesn’t want to do his homework anymore and his Arabic and Mathematics teachers say he’s becoming lazy, and that he’s isolating himself from the other children. Merriam also struggles. She will only sleep with the lights on and the blinds down. She says she doesn‟t want soldiers to come into the house through the windows.‟

16 March 2011


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    Thanks a million Kristin.
    The world should know the truth, and you are helping, greatly, to accomplish this. Some day not too far the truth will prevail.

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