Hebron Rehabilitation Committee to hold conference


I was in Khalil (Hebron) in October when the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee hosted its first food festival in the Old Market area, which has been decimated by the Israeli occupation.

The organization kindly took the group I was with on a tour of the area. I’m  happy to see there will be conference in July on the development of historic city centers.

Below is a Call for Papers for that conference.



19-21 July 2011
OldCity, Hebron – Palestine


Hebron and its OldCitystill suffer from the oppression of Israeli occupation, subjecting them to all kinds of aggressions and methodically endeavoring to drive away the original population and erase the city’s cultural, religious and historical landmarks.

The Israeli occupation has also set up a number of settlements in the OldCity and provided protection to settlers at the expense of Palestinians and their properties. Such Israeli violations have had severe negative impacts on the economic situation, hindering development in the region and causing the dismantlement of the city’s social fabric as a result of its residents’ exodus. Eventually, the OldCity found itself isolated from the rest of Hebron and other Palestinian regions.

In light of this reality, Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC), in partnership with University Graduates Union (UGU)/Palestine Polytechnic University, is conducting “The International Conference On The Development Of Historical City Centers And Promotion Of Their Economic Conditions” as part of the celebration held in commemoration of HRC’s 15th anniversary. Therefore, it is our pleasure to invite researchers and interested parties and individuals to take part in the conference by submitting papers in accordance with the following:

Conference topics:

I. Economical:

Discussing means to support historical city centers’ economies, bring in local and international investors and spare no effort in making city centers economically attractive to investments. Concentrating on finding mechanisms to promote tourism in historical city centers through the creation of specific tourist trails and underlining the characteristics of concerned cities. The media should also be mobilized to serve this purpose.

II. Political:

Promoting Palestinian historical city centers and archeological sites. Publicizing persistent judaization and alteration attempts aimed at quashing and trying to falsify their real history. Underlining the role played by international organization and local institutions in protecting and managing the cultural heritage.

III. Civilization, cultural and historical:

Documenting characteristics of historical cities in terms of architecture, culture and heritage, focusing on hebron city that dates back to 6000 years, in view of its historical significance as the final resting place of Prophet Abraham. Encouraging the implementation of modern engineering and technical projects aimed at simulating the city’s history by highlighting its esthetics and its characteristic architectural style, which recounts its Arab and Islamic history.

IV. Social:

Analyzing the impact of social and demographic changes on the social fabric of historical city residents, assessing their basic needs in the absence of comprehensive development plans which cover all of their living activities, and achieving harmony between them and their environment.


Participation in the conference:

  • Candidates interested in participating in the Conference should send in abstracts of their scientific paper, specifying the relevant topic. Such abstract should consistsof 500 words maximum, either in Arabic or English, in addition to their résumés including e-mail addresses and various contact details.
  • Abstracts shall be addressed to mradwan@ppu.edu,
  • Submissions should be original and not applied to other conferences, with a maximum of 5000 words
  • Technical specifications
    • In Arabic: font (14 simplified arabic), double space.
    • In English: font (12 Times New Roman), double space.
  • Important dates:
    • April 15, 2011           The deadline for abstract submission
    • April 25, 2011           Notification of abstract  acceptance
    • May 25, 2011            Full text submission


For queries and follow-up:

Conference coordinator: PR. Mohammad Radwan Abou Hammad

Tel.:      +970 2222 8550

Fax:      +970 2222 0597

Mob.:    +970598 71 2222

E-mail:  mradwan@ppu.edu

Website: http://www.hebronrc.org






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