I have been on the Internet literally for 13 hours now following these developments.

We know one of the people on board – Fatima Mohammadi. Many of you worked with her last year at various events. I saw her interviewed on the livestream coming from the Turkish ship. She and I also exchanged a few personal emails today.

Now, two people on her ship are dead and more than 50 are wounded. I heard a woman screaming in English, “Stop shooting at us. We are civilians. We have critically wounded people here.”

And I don’t know what has become of Fatima. Kevin, from the Free Gaza Movement, who has been in contact with the ship, does not know either,

These people are risking their lives for Gaza and Palestine, while we are enjoying a holiday weekend. If we don’t turn out for rally in Chicago Tuesday  then how can we call ourselves supporters of Palestine?

Take off  school. Take off work. There are rallies going on around the world. We must stand up and be counted.

We must say to Israel: NOT THIS TIME. NOT THIS TIME.

Rally info: 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 1 in front of Israeli Consulate, 111 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago. Buses leaving from Mosque Foundation, ICCI. For more info, go to

~ Kristin Szremski 5/30/2010


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