Lieberman Hopes World Understands Israeli Military Response to Flotilla

From the Associated Press

Israel’s foreign minister says the country is prepared to stop a flotilla of pro-Palestinian activists from reaching the Gaza Strip “at any cost.”

Avigdor Lieberman said Friday the aid mission is a violent provocation, and he hopes the international community understands the Israeli response.

We cannot afford to remain silent and complacent in the face of these foreboding threats. Does Lieberman hope the world understand’s Israel’s response to the flotilla carrying civil resistance and humanitarian activists and tons of medical supplies like he hoped the world would ‘understand’ (aka Keep Silent, Turn the Other way, Complicity Agree) with Operation Cast Lead?

The wheelchairs in the picture are part of the aid on the flotilla. Are they so scary that they warrant threats of military action to stop them from reaching the hundreds of people – mainly children, I might add – who were maimed in Operation Cast Lead?  How can the country with the world’s sixth largest military be so frightened of a legless child in a wheelchair?

Israel’s blockade on Gaza is criminal and inhumane. Despite Lieberman’s lie today, there is a massive humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. Fully 90 percent of the Palestinians of Gaza now rely upon the United Nations for food aid, according to the United Nations. Yet, despite this, Israel allows into Gaza less than 20 percent of what is needed. So when Israeli officials try to whitewash their crimes by saying they allow the free flow of aid – remember that 80 percent of what is needed to sustain life and to rebuild after Operation Cast Lead is PROHIBITED from entering Gaza.

With Israel, the devil is always in the details.

~ Kristin Szremski 5/28/2010


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