Global protests today to protect Freedom Flotilla

May 26, 2010

The Free Gaza Movement?s freedom flotilla of eight ships?carrying more than 500 international activists and 10,000 tons of construction material and humanitarian aid destined for the besieged 1.5 million residents of the Gaza Strip?is expected to reach its destination on Friday or Saturday.

As in the past, Israel has threatened to prevent the boats from reaching Gaza, but the participants remain undeterred. Supporters around the world can help them deliver their desperately needed supplies by taking part in the emergency response plan:

  • U.S. – Send an e-mail and fax to your elected officials, including the president and Congress, calling on them to prevent Israel from using U.S. military aid against peaceful, unarmed citizens.
  • Global – Call your elected officials and demand they stop Israel from using military force on peaceful, unarmed internationals.
  • Global – Send an e-mail and fax to all Israeli embassies and consulates worldwide.
  • Global – Call your nearest Israeli embassy and demand they prevent Israel from using military force on unarmed internationals.
  • Global – Sign the petition demanding that Israel allow safe passage for the flotilla.
  • U.S. – Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
  • GLOBAL– Protest in front of your nearest Israeli embassy. This includes a planned protestat all Israeli embassies on or around Thursday, May 27 to coincide with the arrival of the Flotilla in Gaza coastal waters! In the event that Israel launches any military attack or naval blockade on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, our demonstration will be a powerful protest to demand that it be allowed to pass in peace!

* Confirmed regions include: Chicago (12-2 p.m.), Washington, DC (4-6 p.m.),Toronto (12-2 p.m.), Boston (4:30-6 p.m.), Rome, (7-8 p.m.) New York (5-7:30 p.m.),Philippines (9 a.m.-noon)

  • For news updates and more information on the emergency response plan, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla Coalition and news updates visit:

For the sake of Gaza—-we can’t wait!
Demand Safe Passage for the Gaza Freedom Flotilla – Protest at the Israeli Consulate in Chicago
When: Thursday, May 27
12 noon until 2:00 PM.

Where: Israeli Consulate
111 East Wacker Drive (just east of Michigan Avenue & Wacker Drive)

Bring Palestinian flags, banners and posters demanding that Israel allows us safe passage to Gaza!



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2 responses to “Global protests today to protect Freedom Flotilla

  1. Fatima Thompson

    What about protests TODAY – 6/1/10???
    I am looking for news of any.

    • Hi. This link will take you to a page that has protests planned now through June 2. There are several going on today around the world. If you let me know your location, I could try to be more specific. Thanks Kristin

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