Map of illegal Israeli colonial outposts

I found the following report on the Web site for the Applied Research Institute for Jerusalem. The following is an excerpt on a report about how the government of Israel was secretly funding illegal colonial outposts:

The Sasson Report, an official Israeli government report published on March 8, 2005, concluded that Israeli state bodies had been discreetly diverting millions of shekels to build settlements and outposts in occupied West Bank that were illegal under Israeli law. The report was headed by the former head of the State Prosecution Criminal Department Talia Sasson. The report detailed how officials in the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Housing and Construction and the settlement division of the World Zionist Organization spent millions of Israeli shekels from state budgets to support the unauthorized outposts.

The report states:

  • The Israeli Ministry of Housing supplied mobile homes for outposts on private Palestinian land
  • The Israeli Ministry of Defense approved the positioning of trailers for the new outposts
  • The Ministry of Education paid for nurseries and their teachers
  • The Ministry of Energy facilitated work to connect outposts to the electricity grid
  • Roads to outposts were paid for with taxpayers’ money

The settlement expansion initiative was backed by Ariel Sharon when he was serving as foreign minister under Binyamin Netanyahu government at that time, In 1998 he publicly urged settlers to seize hilltops in order to break up the contiguity of Palestinian areas and prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, saying: ‘Let everyone get a move on and take some hilltops! Whatever we take, will be ours, and whatever we don’t take, will not be ours!’.

This Web site is definitely worth bookmarking.


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