Kudos to Boston activists

I was heartened to read a post on GazaMom.com about a group of dedicated pro-justice activists in the Boston area, who disrupted an event at the Museum of Science sponsored by Israel and titled, “Israeli Innovation: Health the World Through Technology.”

I am amazed at the chutzpah exhibited by the organizers of this event.

Healing the world through technology?

Israel is extremely technologically savvy but all their newfangled gadgets aren’t used to ‘heal’ anybody. Rather, unmanned drones shoot to kill with precision and delicate sensors built into the Apartheid Wall detect even the smallest movements. They’re so good – even their checkpoints can ‘fly.’ And they export their intrusive technological prowess around the world – i t’s even being employed along the United States’ southern border with Mexico and in Mexico itself:

To turn the tide the Mexican government had been procuring unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Israel. These drones were developed for and carry out, depending on the model, surveillance, tracking and air-to-ground missile strikes. The same platforms to be used in surveilling and targeting the cartels – the Hermes, Skylark-I, Skystar 300 and Orbiter – are in regular use over the Gaza Strip and West Bank and were used in the 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead for both surveillance and air-strikes. The Mexican government is joined in the use of Israeli UAVs along the northern side of the border. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection pioneered the use of UAVs in border surveillance, deploying the Hermes in 2004 as part of the Arizona Border Control Initiative. The maker of the Hermes & Skylark-I, Elbit Systems, is further connected to the Mexico-U.S. border through its participation in the SBI. Haifa-based Elbit is providing its Long Range Reconnaissance and Observation System, integrated with UAVs, towards the project while providing the same materials and technology along Israel’s Segregation Barrier. ~ Jimmy Johnson, Mondoweiss, 5/3/2010

The Boston activists used creative means to get their point across:

They also plastered the museum with a mock brochure (“Israel: the world’s leader in cutting edge Apartheid technologies”) highlighting the complicity of Israeli technology in human rights abuses, and replacing the original titles of panels with things like Hhow to run a country without international legitimacy”, “Sustainable darkness: Israeli innovations in torture technology and extra-legal maneuvering” and “Strategic water appropriation in the Middle East: Might Makes Right.” ~ GazaMom.com.

It is heartening to see various groups coming together across the country to keep pounding away at Israel’s propaganda machine. We must continue to work hard to shed light on the truth. But I was especially pleased to read the open letter to the Boston Museum of Science signed by scientists in the U.S. and Israel, condemning the museum for co-sponsoring Israel’s event.

This proves to me that people from all walks of life, from all faiths and nationalities will come together to stand for truth and justice.


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