Map – History of Israeli Imperialism



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2 responses to “Map – History of Israeli Imperialism

  1. el chasqui

    Ha! Most frightening is that this is one of many maps put together by an person who openly admits to not even having finished university. Perhaps even more frightening, the author (Matt White) claims that his maps have been cited in 45 textbooks and 80 scholarly articles. A clear example of why the American education system is broken. (Or perhaps, how it functions perfectly as a hegemonic system designed to indoctrinate children inWestern ideology in the persuit of creating ‘liberal individuals’ – or rather more accurately, (re)creating the “individual” in the image of Western imperial subjectivity (see Sawyer 2005, Althussier 1969, Gramsci 1935)

  2. Albert

    Israel is an aggressor nation and a menace to the rest of the world. The slaughter that they have inflicted on the Palestinians they will also inflict on everyone else.

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