Film about Palestinian nonviolent resistance gets Tribeca special mention

Budrus, a film from Julia Bacha received a Special Jury Mention at the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday.
The documentary is about the nonviolent resistance movement that is uniting Hamas and Fatah, Palestinian and Israeli, all protesting the Apartheid Wall and the other human rights abuses resulting from Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.
Here’s an excerpt from the director’s comments:
Today, from Nabi Saleh to Ni’lin, Bil’in to Sheikh Jarrah, every week Palestinians from all political factions, Israelis and internationals unite, often with women leading, to protest the confiscation of olive groves, house demolitions and settlement growth. They do so in creative ways and to varying degrees of success, yet remain virtually unknown. We hope this film can help bring them out of anonymity so we can all benefit from their courageous work. ~ Director Julia Bacha

Looks like a powerful film. The nonviolence movement – including BDS campaigns – which emanate from Palestine are growing in strength and effectiveness.  The power that comes from the cooperation of so many disparate groups continues to chip away at Israel’s monolithic, inhumane and oppressive Zionist ideology. We just need to keep on, keeping on because all of us working to bring liberty and justice to Palestine are moving mountains one pebble at a time, God-willing.

~ Kristin Szremski 04/30/2010


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