Moving into the blogosphere

Hey there!

A curmudgeonly veteran is how someone described me recently at a gathering of journalists. Actually, I kind of volunteered for the moniker myself. It drew a few laughs.

But here I am disproving the adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. After more than 20 years as a newspaper woman, I’ve jumped through an amazing number of hoops this past year as I work to reinvent myself both as an activist and an expert in social media. I’ve come a long way, baby, since the days of paste up.

So I’ve stepped from the arena of seasoned, objective and somewhat aloof reporter and editor and jumped into the sizzling hot world of social justice activism. I’ve been surprised to discover there’s a whole industry designed around activists – an entire subculture. The journey has been hard and exhilarating. It’s been heartbreaking and joyous.  Working to forward the  Palestinian  narrative in a country that has been denied truthful and accurate information on the Middle East for more than 60 years is sometimes a thankless task. Palestine is not a popular cause. But it is a noble cause, for which we have to work tirelessly to bring the truth to an unsuspecting public. If people knew the extent to which their tax dollars went to oppress an entire nation of  people they would not stand for it.

Americans are by nature a generous, giving people. They would be horrified to learn that American-made weapons fell upon innocent civilians in Gaza last winter – killing 355 children. They would be outraged to learn that American companies such as Caterpillar profit from demolishing the homes of Palestinians or from the construction of a   30-foot high concrete ‘Apartheid Wall’ that separates not only Muslims from al Aqsa  mosque, but Christians from churches, farmers from their fields, teachers from their schools and families from each other.

Sometimes the sadness I read and report about get to be too much for me. And at other times the joy of victory can’t be contained. It’s times like these when I will turn to this blog to release the emotions, which for practical reasons, I have to contain and control during most of my waking hours.

I invite you to the conversation and I hope you will engage in the debate.

Hope to see you  here!




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2 responses to “Moving into the blogosphere

  1. Rafeeq

    Well said sister, May ALLAH help you and protect you from the evil people who will not rest, when they are chalanged. Espacially when you are trying to take the mask off their ugly face, and expose them to the truth.

  2. Rafeeq

    By the way every time I look at the picture, I really get hungry, I mean hungry.

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